About us

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the coffee sector a better place – for everyone.

To do this, we work with public and private sector organizations and help them to achieve long-term, sustainable impact in the coffee industry.

Our Services

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency grounded in coffee industry expertise.

We provide bespoke media packages that include content creation, social media management, influencer marketing, end-to-end web design, brand development and more.

Our Story

Our international agency was born out of demand. As a successful digital publication with a focus on specialty coffee, we were approached by organizations who were unhappy with agencies who didn’t have industry expertise. Instead, these organizations wanted to work with a team who understood the coffee sector at every step of the supply chain – a team that could deliver relevant campaigns, refine their brand image, and grow their network. To date, we have delivered projects for industry-leading brands and international coffee associations as well as other huge names throughout the sector.

Our Expertise

PDG Media is a subsidiary of PDG Global, a group of associated brands which also includes the following:

  • Perfect Daily Grind – a trilingual publication (including PDG Español in Spanish and PDG Brasil in Portuguese) read by millions every year. The publication’s content is driven by a focus on quality editorial and thought leadership in the coffee industry; it is shared with over 2 million followers every day across various channels.

  • Producer & Roaster Forum – an innovative annual event held in coffee-producing countries that aims to address supply chain inequities.

  • PDG Education – an e-learning platform which provides certified on-demand coffee courses delivered by industry leaders.

As a part of PDG Global, we have access to resources and knowledge that no other agencies do. We have a skilled in-house creative team that takes pride in creating, managing, and delivering successful campaigns. This includes full-time web developers, graphic designers, expert copywriters, and editorial professionals.