Customer Complaints Policy

1. Overview

We welcome all feedback from our customers and although we hope that our customers won’t have cause for complaint we do understand that at times you may wish to contact us to discuss concerns that you may have about our products and services.

This policy set out how you can contact us to make a complaint and how we will deal with any complaint you make.

2. Who we are and how you can contact us

2.1 PDG Media Agency is operated by Perfect Daily Grind Ltd. and you can see details of how to contact us below:

Address: Webster Griffin, Brooklands Park, Farningham Road, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 2JD, United Kingdom

Email address:

Link to complaints form:

3. When to contact us

3.1 A complaint can cover any element of the products and services that we provide and can also relate to:

  • things that our staff have or haven’t done;
  • the level of service provided by us or any of our staff;
  • the quality of the products and services that we have provided;
  • the timing of delivery of the products and services that we have provided.

3.2 You may want to contact us for other reasons such as to arrange a return of a product or ask for more information about the products and services that we provide and you can do so by filling out and submitting this form.

4. What information to provide in relation to a complaint

Please provide as much information as possible when making a complaint and in particular:

4.1 Your name, address, telephone number and email address together with details of the method that you would be preferred to be contacted by in discussing your complaint;

4.2 Details of the products and services that you are complaining about with details.

4.3 If your complaint relates to a particular member of our staff please provide the name or other information to help us identify them;

4.4 Any documentation that relates to your complaint;

4.5 Any further information in relation to your complaint and details of how you would like to see the complaint resolved.

5. Confidentiality and data protection

5.1 We will ensure that all complaints are dealt with confidentially and information you provide will only be shared with individuals that we need to discuss your complaint with during the process outlined at 5 above.

5.2 If we would like to share details of your complaint for any other reason (such as staff training) we will ensure the details shared do not identify you.

5.3 Any personal data that we collect during handling your complaint will be held in accordance with the relevant data protection legislation and our privacy policy which can be found here.

6. Policy Updates

This policy was adopted on March 20, 2023. Our team has overall responsibility for this complaints policy and ensuring that it is regularly reviewed and updated if necessary.