Value Chain Consultancy

Receive pragmatic, expert advice for the specialty coffee industry, or engage with a consultant for your next project.

As value chain consultants, PDG Media is able to assist you with creating and reviewing business plans, addressing current technical challenges, and discussing the market potential of new products. 

As part of our value chain consultancy services, we offer:

  • Management consultancy
  • Concept discussion and research 
  • Customised sales strategies 
  • Reports and investigations 
  • Partner sourcing 
  • Quality control support

As experts in the coffee sector, we provide in-depth consultancy services that are unique to the global coffee industry. Our international team spans across Europe, Asia and the Americas, uniquely positioning us as leaders on all aspects of the coffee supply chain. 

If you require the technical expertise of additional specialists, we have a variety of external partners in multiple industries and professions.