Webinar Organisation

Reach a global audience through specialised digital events and webinars.

Consumer and industry use of digital platforms and communication is only increasing, with many renowned events now moving to virtual spaces to reach a wider audience and lower overhead costs. 

PDG Media’s events and management teams have a proven track record of helping clients and partners to organise, manage and report on digital events such as webinars.

As part of our Webinar Organisation services, our team is able to provide: 

  • Event conceptualisation and branding 
  • Planning and logistics 
  • Promotion via social media and digital communication 
  • Attendee management and communication
  • Live event coordination and assistance
  • Co-hosting and technical support 
  • Reporting and post-event analytics

With our comprehensive webinar and digital event management, we can help you to improve your networking efforts, showcase your products and work, and engage with industry leaders and consumers across the globe.